PowerSeal is injected through the tyre valve.
This sealant solution will result in the establishment of a shield, through a water based product which diffuses evenly within the tyre surface.
The simple fact of driving, PowerSeal spreads out harmoniously by standing on the entire inner surface of the threads and remains active though the whole tyre lifespan.
Drive without worry and make significant savings!

This has been specially designed for vehicles that travel on-road and at high speed (over 80kmph).
It has been tested for use at speeds up to 240kmph.
PowerSeal is available in 1l bottles and in 25l drums.



Replaces nitrogen installation for the next five years.

The nitrogen costs about 50 € per years.

Using Power Seal (that costs about 50€) you SAVE at least 200 EURO for the next 5 years!



With Power Seal will never need again reparative kit.

The reparative kit is only for a tire. It costs about 50 € per box.

Additional 10 € to cleaning the rubber from the toxic product

and 10 € to seal in the workshop - vulcanizer.

With Power Seal you SAVE at least 70 euro for each tire, TOTAL 280 EURO!


·- Maintains air pressure (5 to 10 times longer)

·- Besides fuel economy consumption by 3% to 10%,

·- Note that PowerSeal protects and guarantees your tyre on the tread area in case of puncture caused by an object whose diameter is up to 6mm for vehicles of less than 3.5 tons and 12mm for vehicles over 3.5 tons.

·- Centrifugal wheel balance at more than 40kmph and active during the whole lifespan of the tyre. No more need of a classical static balance.

·- PowerSeal contributes to sustainable development and environmental protection in the use as well for the manufacturing process.

·- PowerSeal is water-soluble, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic and fibre-free product.

·- PowerSeal is reliable for the entire lifespan of the tyre and rim, it protects them from bacteria, mould, corrosion and rust.

·- PowerSeall is water-washable and does not alter the tyre and rim.

·- PowerSeal withstands extreme temperatures from -35°C to +45°C, making it particularly suitable for driving in countries experiencing severe weather conditions.


PowerSeal does not guarantee against side punctures in tyres.

PowerSeal is a puncture-prevention sealant and is not a curative product.

PowerSeal is suitable for use on all 4x4 vehicles